Achievements are awards given to characters in the METwitterverse either by themselves or others for certain actions and behaviours. They are sometimes of humorous nature and make fun of the RP as well as stereotypical character traits and so on. Achievements are displayed on the character's wiki page, and multiple characters can recieve an award.

Who can give achievements?Edit

Anyone can give a character an achievement based on whatever they like as long as they're not horribly malicious in nature - although please do note most achievements will be a parody, so the ability to laugh at yourself is paramount here.

How to I give an achievement?Edit

If the page is unlocked, just add it! If the character doesn't have an achievement, please create a section at the bottom of their page under any other information they may have. Please list (or begin to list) their achievement/s in bullet point form.

If the page is unlocked then please either contact the character via DM (or IM), leave a request for the addition of the achievement in the character's talk page or contact an administrator on the Wiki using their talk page.

For an example of achievements, please visit the Achievements section of Alex Lombard's page.