Anders (@Apostate_Anders) is an apostate mage and had escaped the Circle of Magi seven times before he was conscripted into the Grey Wardens by the King of Ferelden,

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Dragon Age: Awakenings, The Normandy, METwitterverse

Alistair. Despite the situation of the ever growing darkspawn, and the confusion of appearing on The Normandy in an unfamiliar time and place, he has a rather laid-back and care-free attitude and doesn't let dire circumstances get him down.[1] He is incredibly optimistic (almost ignorantly so), and can usually be found shamelessly flirting with the female members of The Normandy.

Realm Crossover (An Introduction) Edit

Not much is known about how the "Dragon Age crew" got on board the The Normandy , other than something about Alistair being tricked about being promised fabulous cheeses on the other side of a Fade Portal.

Relationships Edit

Anders feels that relationships only tie someone down, referring to a significant other as a "ball and chain." He has been known to compare relationships to being constraining, like the Circle of Magi.

  • Secretly, he has grown very attached to his beloved Cytherea, who offered adult services on Azure, until he bravely and heroically "saved" her from the balding clients, who took far too long to reach sexual satisfaction.
    He's just a great guy like that. Now he lets her brush his glorious golden mane almost whenever she wants! Talk about intense like!
  • Anders also has grown fond of Jane Shepard, whom he swears is head over heels for him.
  • Recently, his beloved cat Ser Pounce-A-Lot has made an appearance, which he was more than ecstatic to see.
  • His other favorite pet, Saren Arterius (also dubbed "Ser Growls-A-Lot") is also dear to his heart and he has to buy several collars for because they keep getting mysteriously ripped off.
  • He once proclaimed actual "feelings" for Colette, but after being rejected, vowed to never to something silly like that again. Regardless if he ever feels them again. ...d'awwwwww.
  • He REALLY hates Alistair, but loves to irritate the ever living piss out of him.
  • Caleb is his closest friend. Even if Caleb doesn't think so.
  • He recently met his future self, "Angsty Anders", whom he views as an incredibly attractive, smart individual with great taste, but foolish for feeling that "love" thing.

References Edit

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