Born in the year 2145 on Earth, Anton was a low ranking member of an Anti-Alien gang formed on the streets of Earth. He took Cassondra Shepard into his home, taking her off the streets, but addicting her to the drug Hallex. Anton trained Shepard in relatively sloppy use of firearms, and in some of the intricacies of the drug business. He had a quick temper, and would often lash out at Shepard, leaving her with a collection of pre-military scars.

Anton tracked Cassondra to Twitterverse, and tried to arrange a meeting with her on the Citadel. John Shepard forbade Cassondra from going, claiming she was not impartial or calm enough to face him. After being severely beaten by John, Anton was sent to a secure facility on the Citadel. He was contacted by Lilly Westerlund, who attempted to use him to blackmail Cass. He was murdered by Shepard shortly after, who used Westerlund's threat as an excuse to finally exact her personal revenge.