Azure is a swanky hotel on Illium that specializes in the erotic arts. Many beautiful asari women work here as dancers, masseuses, companions and general hospitality specialists. They have a rather extensive repeat client list and the services of the lovely employees there are always in high demand.

Recently, Caleb decided to take some of the boys on a manly bonding trip to Azure, so he loaded Alistair, Anders, Kaidan Alenko and of all people, Morrigan into the shuttle and headed off for an adult oriented rip roaring good time.

  • Anders beat his "personal record" and most people shuddered to think what that meant.
  • Alistair fumbled around blushing wildly while trying to show one of the dancers his rune collections.
  • Caleb disappeared with no fewer than three asari.
  • Kaidan Alenko refused to do shots out of the navel of one of the dancers.
  • Morrigan seemed to disappear.

Among the lovely ladies there: Bleu Dealie, Aphrodite, Hetaera, Cytherea, Phryne, Chloris, Phaedra, and Thetys, who also handles the club promotion side of business.