Bender Bending Rodriguez
Character Profile






12 (give or take a thousand years)


Bending Unit


Earth - New New York


Normandy SR-2




Fry (Best friend)

Bender (full name Bender Bending Rodriguez) is a foulmouthed, lazy, ethanol-powered robot who claims to be from the year 3010. He appeared on the Normandy with little fanfare one day, and immediately began looting the place.


Bender is generally loud, obnoxious, and highly immature. However, as a robot, he has repeatedly shown an ability to perform difficult calculations quickly, and seems to have some sort of loyalty to John Shepard, whom he tends to follow (even when he's not wanted). Along with his best friend Fry, Bender can usually be found sitting on a couch drinking and/or smoking, but when he's not busy pursuing the couch potato lifestyle he's usually stealing, looting, or otherwise up to no good.

Despite apparently possessing general loathing of organic life, whom he refers to as "fleshwads," "meatbags," or some combination of the two, Bender is generally amicable towards the rest of the ship, if completely unapologetic for his rampant kleptomania. Aside from stealing, his interests appear to be limited to alcohol, tobacco, and hookers (whom he usually refers to as floozies).


  • Went on one date with Gidget, who no longer returns his calls.
  • Has access to the Time Sphere, which he frequently uses to transport in and out of trouble.
  • Possesses many voices, including his normal surly tone, that of a king, Ambassador Udnia, and David Duchovny.
  • Once stuck his head in the Normandy reactor core, and was forced to flee the ship and crash on a meatbag's couch.
  • Has frequently been caught by Gabby using magnets - when so imprisoned, he sings folk sings interspersed with various insults.
  • May have a crush on Taylor Swift.