Full name: Athena Shepard Nicknames /alias: Commander, Athie, Seraph, Sex: Female Gender: Nuetral femine Race: Human Occupation: Spectre, Alliance Commander. Birth Location: MI Galliant Raised: various alliance ships.


Eyes: Sapphire Blue Hair: Pale muted yellow Hair type/length: stark straight, but can become wavy. Layered, longest section Mid back, but the way she keeps her hair pulled up or tucked within her armor. Weight: 145 Height: 5'5 Body Type: A- Piercings/tattoos: both ears single pierced. Marks/scars: Birth mark on outer left thigh, Faded scar sets on back of left shoulder to below shoulder blade, bullet wound on left thigh and waist.


Alignment: Neutral Sue. Accent: none Likes: Rifle upgrades, confections, fencing(swords not border protection), xeno-studies, Armor, Sparring, Nature, being able to confidently state "mission complete", Clubs Dislikes: Bars, Illium, cerberus, pineapple, Kaidens Habits: Cleans or does excersises when bored or tense. Quirks: Avoids conversations of romantic encounters or exploits. Weither out of jealousy, lack of her own stories, or the topics being not standard as "polite" is un known.

Basic info:

Athena Shepard is of the the several shepards on the normandy. She grew up in the military, born on an alliance ship with Strict military parents. She has a passion for the military, and firmly believes a mission is NOT sucessful if she is unable to keep her unit completely in tact. She models her exsistance upon the motto distilled in her by her marine parents of "No man left behind. "This apparently, does not apply to Kaidan Alenko.

Her approach to politics is very transitional, to an extent its when in rome, act like the romans. Yet to another extent she believes that there is not justice left in the bile of politicians words.

She tends to be social, and activly tries to be a part of her current crew and previous crews lives. For some she tends to be VERY protective in a nearly maternal fashion to a few members. Except for Alenko. She hates that bitch.

However, she does not tend to be open to romance and always finds a means to be busy when asked on dates. She feels her missions and job come first and formost, not to mention her expectations on a partner tend to be far to high for many. However she never seems to mind, and never seems to be lonely.

While going through her military schools she was active in choir, as well as musical classes and many school plays playing roles from juilet to Lady Mcbeth. She graduated as saludictorian a year early and enlisted as soon as she was able.

However for the year that she was out of school, and to young to enlist, she lived on the citadel, working two jobs, the first at a small cafe as a baker and waitress and the second she worked as a secretary for the c-sec Executor.

She is quite fond of the citidel, and she even owns a penthouse there. She often states that if she ever without work as a spectre, she would gladly join the ranks of c-sec.

She files all of her reports not only to the coucil, but what she can to c-sec as well. Since she tends to pick very actively lawful paths its sparce that her actions fall outside of the law. Not to mention, she files the reports to them as a courtesy to C-sec, due to contention between spectres and Citidel security.

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