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Vyrnnus Chellick
Character Basics

Full name

Vyrnnus Chellik






Lieutenant Commander of the Turian Armada

Current location:

SR-7 Vigilance, XO cabin.


Tarna Chellik (Mother)

Nold Chellik (father)


Chaotic (Renegade)


Vyrnnus is a Turian model child, went through Spectre training, however was never inducted into the spectres. He has a brazen Attitude, and tends to speak bluntly. He can come off as abrasive, but is unbelievably reliable. He has little tolerance for banter and lack of discipline. He also does not believe in ever leaving a fellow military personnel behind, though is point of view on civilians is they are completely disposable

His grandfather fought in the contact war, and his family is divided on their dislike of humans, and admiring they tactical stand points. He himself Keeps his opinion reserved as to humans, Typically standing he finds humans too ambitious or sentimental. He also tends to be bigoted, thinking Turians are better at everything and anything then any other race out there.

He was born and raised on Palaven, and like any other Turian he was enlisted in the military at the age of 15. He excelled, though he was not much of a Sniper, his balance between assault rifles and shot guns is surreal. He has Survived unbelievable odds, and shown that where others get killed, he gets the job done. While his actions may not always be considered “right”, He truly believes the End justifies the means.

When he was drafted to join a Spectres ship He was hardly surprised, given his esteemed military record, however when he was selected to be XO of Commander Athena Shepard's ship, the SR-7 Vigilance, He was in Shock. Then finding such a Diversity in race crew also surprised him.

He has been to several of the Performances where the Citadel Symphony played and Athena Sang, and even bought vid and audio files of her performances. (though he has not Quite connected that the performer from years ago is the same as the commander/spectre)

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Eyes: Deep emerald Green

Skin: Pale white with a slight yellow hue

Markings: Red,2 Vertical slashes slashes on mandibles, segmented red slash from user eye to fringe, downward slash above eye, and “H” like Symbol on forehead.

Wears: Heavy Armor, at times a Visor, Civilian clothes are typically black, white, or red or any combination there in.

Height: 6’11

Weight: 174lbs

Piercings/tattoo’s: Facial Markings are, whats that quaint human saying...“inked”?

Marks/scars: Scar on left side down cowl, from knife fight.

Quirks: Raps his talons against Surfaces when he is in thought. He Is EXCEPTIONALLY competitional, and Cocky about his abilities.

Habits: Sleeps with M-5 Phalanx and is a rather light sleeper.

Likes: Clubs, Decent foods, Weapon upgrades, military documentaries, Combat sims, Sparring. Dislikes:

Weaklings, Laziness, weapon jams and over-heats, Idle Chit chat, romance movies, disrespect of Superiors.

He is quite well rooted within his small group of friends, and most of his friendships start as partner ships THEN through mutual respect become friendship. He is Almost Psycho Protective of them, and thanks to his training.. Its very rare he gets caught...

He has a Very unique honor code, That Can almost be seen as extreme. You earn his respect he will kill legions for you, you betray him he will kill everyone around you before going for your life.


Vyrnnus is not currently romantically involved.

Vyrnnus Did date an Asari Dancer from Omega for a Solar year, however the two broke it off when she became to demanding.

Trivia Edit

  • Vyrnnus adores Cats, however never takes one as a pet because he rarely has time for them.
  • He hates wine, Either ale or hard liqour.
  • He adores clubs and bars, his favorite to frequent is Omega.
  • He was expelled from the Spectre program for suspision of killing the spectre who out performed him in the last exam. No proof was found to convict Vyrnnus, however the council still denied him Spectre status.
  • He has three parts of Soveriegn, two stay in his loft on the Citadel, the last he keeps with him at almost all times.
  • He invests a great deal of time in weapon uprades and keeping up with what is seen as "In".
  • Vyrnnus has a slightly less adverse allergy to tri amino acids. Instead of death, he get comatose.
  • He invests in companies looking to either remove the adverse affects of the different Animo acids on Turians and Quarians.
  • He Hates the movie Fleet and Flotilla, stating that quarians are no fun to romane anyways because they rarely can be provocative.
  • Favorite song: "Die for the Cause" (turian imperial anthem)

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