Folsom is a habitable, fertile planet located in the Eleusinian cluster.


Folsom is known for being a somewhat idyllic planet with perfect conditions for crop and livestock farming, although many argue that it's vast distance from Alliance territory outweighs its benefits. Folsom's climate is often compared with Earth's Spring, and stays this way all year around (although it is still capable of storms and hot days.) Because of its distance from other inhabited planets and interference created by nearby gas clouds, inter-planetary communication is extremely difficult and expensive.


Folsom's economy is mainly fueled by the farming industry, with it's highly fertile land being home to several different kinds of crop and livestock farms. Folsom also has a booming mining industry, which is mainly worked by inmates of the Folsom Prison. Folsom is a highly self-reliant planet.


Folsom's high population of farmers, miners and criminals has given its inhabitants a reputation as 'simple folk,' with their main imports being alcohol, weaponry and ammunition. As the planet was originally founded as a prison planet, the crime rate is high in Folsom and many of the official (yet understaffed) law enforcement is corrupt. For this reason, vigilante and citizen justice is not uncommon or frowned upon. The Alliance are disliked by the general population, who're unhappy that while they won't offer them protection, they're still happy to prison their captives on the planet.