Winifred Stanson , who likes to be called Freddie is a shy and soft spoken housekeeper aboard the Normandy SR2. She prefers to stay out of the middle of things and to remain happily in the shadows performing her duties quietly and efficiently.


Freddie was born on Earth, in Virginia to a rather poor family. She is the oldest of five children and after her father died in a mining accident when she was ten, she took on the role of helping her mother raise her siblings.

When she was 18 she joined the Alliance Navy after seeing recruitment vids promising that it would pay for her college education. While she was able to make it through basic training and has a basic knowledge of self defense and pistol proficiency, she found herself too timid and sensitive to actually become a soldier.

At the rank of Private she quickly volunteered for any non confrontational work she could find and one of the Lieutenants she worked under recommended her for housekeeping duties. Having plenty of experience in keeping a neat and tidy home, Freddie jumped at the chance.

As it turned out, Freddie had a natural affinity and skill for keeping things running smoothly and pleasantly where she was stationed at a base near her childhood home in Virginia. Her pleasant demeanor and willingness to please impressed her superiors and when the opportunity to serve on the Normandy SR1 popped up she jumped at the chance.

Freddie served under John Shepard on the Normandy during their mission to stop Saren and Sovereign and she is very proud of her efforts on board. Her philosophy is that someone needs to do the small jobs so that everyone else can do the big jobs properly. She sent home whatever credits she could to her mother.

After the destruction of the Normandy, which she successfully escaped, Freddie took a leave of absence to calm her nerves. She was devastated by the loss of her commander and the subsequent sweeping under the rug of all he had uncovered. Frustrated with the Alliance, Freddie left and began working in the private sector once again while living with her mother.

The SR-2Edit

Learning that Shepard was still alive and had a ship again, Freddie took a chance and sent an email to him, offering to come work on the SR2. Shepard gladly accepted her offer and she has been quietly managing the the more mundane tasks around the ship for several months now.