Generated Intelligence De-constructed General Entertainment Turrets, more commonly known as GIDGET bots or units, are semi-organic androids with sophisticated progamming not dissimilar to AI software. Because of their organic casing, GIDGET units are illegal in some areas.


A GIDGET unit is most notable for it's organic casing, which is essentially the skin, hair, eyes and organic outsides of a deceased lifeform (usually humans and Asari.) This is done by 'skinning' the body and using it to encase a robotic skeletal and internal system. As a result, GIDGET units are physically identical to their living counterparts. As a result of their realism, GIDGETs are commonly used in the sex industry as either prostitutes or private pleasurebots.


GIDGETs are commonly created by comission, but are sold in a public arena, usually on EX-BAY as an auction to assure maximum capital gain. GIDGETs are sold as a blank slate with a range of medical, combat and service programming, with personality and memory programs available seperately.