Halina Rieff, Mercenary

Halina Rieff is a mercenary working out of Omega. She is modeled in both appearance and voice after the actress Lucy Lawless.


Born in the year 2137 to Anya and Kale Rieff, Halina was born in the colony of Shanxi, and was seven years old when it was attacked by the Turian Hierarchy in the First Contact War. Halina's family fled the planet, moving from colony to colony before settling permanently on Elysium.

Hoping for a little excitement in her relatively mundane colony life, Halina enlisted with the Colonial Marines when she turned 18. Finding life in the service to be less glamours, and more structured than she had hoped, Halina deserted shortly after enlistment and found work on the Citadel as a gun for hire.

Over the years, she survived through a combination of luck and intelligence, developing skill along the way. Halina was recruited by the Eclipse mercenary group, and though she eventually parted ways with them, she still maintains friendly relations with the organization.

Both of her parents are still living on Elysium.


As a young woman, Halina was known for her temper, oftentimes directing it at people who deserved none of what she dished out.

As she matured, she learned to reign in her proclivity towards rudeness, although she remained blunt. Halina has little patience for those she deems incompetent or coy, and finds subterfuge to be bothersome and unnecessary.

Although she has her own moral code, she is not a particularly ethical person, and will work for nearly anyone assuming they can meet her price. Loyalty, in her eyes, is something that can be bought much more easily than it can be gained. Once her contract has been paid, Halina will follow it through.