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Born on April 14th 2158, Operations Chief Ashley Williams served under Commander John Shepard on the Normandy SR1 and was instrumental in the defeat of the rogue SpecTRe Saren Arterius, his Geth army and the massive Reaper dreadnought, Sovereign.

Williams continued to serve with the Alliance under Commander Shepard. After the Normandy was attacked by the Collectors and Commander Shepard was killed, Williams continued working for the Alliance, though at this time it is unclear what the nature of her service was.

After two years Williams encountered Shepard on the human colony of Horizon where his fight against the Collectors had led him, and a brief, angry, idiotic, and emotional exchange took place, after which she managed to finish an entire bottle of vodka.

At the beginning of the Reaper Invasion of Earth, Williams joined Shepard back onboard the Normandy to help rally the forces of the galaxy. After a small stint in the hospital, Williams was back to duty.

General FactsEdit

Though Williams tried to make things right with Shepard, things didn't work out. Williams now has a major crush on a certain Turian crewmember.

Although resentful to the Commander, she still cares about him, and his cause, and will follow him to the death.

She also likes to drink, but can't hold the stuff very well.

Twitter: @chief_AWilliams