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Welcome to the Mass Effect: Twitter Roleplaying Wiki!Edit

Mass Effect Twitter RP Wiki is a collaborative website about the community of Mass Effect role players on Twitter. Anyone can edit, and an easy way to catch up on other RPs, get started in the Mass Effect Twitter Roleplay (or "MERP," for short,) or share information regarding your character and/or that character's background.

The original purpose of the wikipedia page was so that new roleplayers could use it as a quick reference so they could catch up with other RP characters, both OC and Canon, and plot lines regarding certain verses.

Mass Effect: Twitter RoleplayingEdit

The Mass Effect Twitter Roleplaying is a collaboration of people who are fans of the Mass Effect series, and want to continue to live out their character's lives through Twitter RP. There are many verses that you are able to join, that contain different types of RP'ers who have different goals in roleplay. Joining any of these verses will immerse you into role play experience to remember.

Don't forget to associate yourself with the writers of each RP account and character, and collaborate with them to create a storyline with your charater and that character. You could even consider starting a romance with that person.

Latest M.E.R.P. ActivityEdit