Miranda Lawson
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Miranda Lawson is a Cerberus Officer and the XO of the Normandy SR-2. While dutiful to her position, her loyalties lie with John Shepard as opposed to the other Commanders.

Post Collector BaseEdit

Having assisted John with destroying the Collector base, Miranda resigned from Cerberus, cutting the majority of ties with them. She chose to stay on the SR-2, returning to her duties of XO.

Miranda has been cursed with bouts of bad luck. During an attack on the ship, Miranda was tackled by Tavan, sustaining injuries to the head and damaging her biotic implant. After suffering migraines and biotic shocks, Miranda underwent minor implant repair surgery on Noveria. Soon after, Miranda took a vacation on Kahje for three weeks, where she contracted Hanarian Fever and was ill for quite some time after returning to the Normandy. A great time later, Miranda was approached with an all expenses paid trip to a spa planet, which she took out of slight spite. It was soon revealed that this was a trap set by Narissa, who paid a Lok Omi to assassinate Miranda. While Miranda survived, she sustained serious burns to her body after a mud bath she was in was filled with gasoline and set on fire. During the rescue of John Shepard, Miranda sustained a gunshot wound to the arm. Traumatised and not wanting to get in the way, she refused to seek medical attention and contracted Sepsis, which was only treated after Gidget informed Zel Ordo and John, who forced her into medbay.


Miranda is extremely close and loyal to John Shepard, whom she considers to be the most competent and trustworthy of the Commanders. While Miranda may feel something more for him than just a Strictly Professional and Entirely Appropriate Relationship, Miranda decided not to act on her feelings after a long brooding period. This also may or may not have something to do with her fear of Ashley Williams. Miranda often disregards other Commanders' orders in favour of Johns. Regardless of this, Miranda and John are still very close friends, and enjoy bonding over strawberry ice cream and their favourite romance novel (and more recently, film) series, Undressed By The Boss.

Her closest friend is Gidget, who, although a robot, is still a sentient being and appreciates it when Miranda takes her to get her hair done and go shopping. Miranda is extremely protective of Gidget.

Miranda was very shortly in a relationship with Lorik Varter. In her defence, however, he did ask her out only hours after her brain surgery for her biotic implant, and their relationship may have been a result of momentary brain damage.