The crews of the Normandys were particularly out of character on Opposite Day.

Notable Events of Opposite DayEdit

  • Ashley Williams acting girly, complete with a gay bff, Ethan De La Motte . They spooned in their underwear and watched that old earth vid When Harry Met Sally.
  • Jack found herself desperate to become a loving, giving mother figure and Joker graciously agreed to father her child. There were kimonos, incense and whale noises. Go ahead and thank any god you can think of that Jack didn't actually conceive.
  • Bellara Shepard acted in an extremely professional manner and was utterly uninterested in men.
  • Staff Commander Kaidan Alenko shuddered in revulsion at his own reflection and wore a paper bag over his head for most of the day.
  • Normandy Cat ran away from people in order to avoid having his feetsies massagied.
  • The usually respectful and charming, John Shepard found himself a womanizing, protein bar eating testosterone fueled jackass that made out with half the women on the ship, including Miranda Lawson who turned into a trashy cigarette smoking fartbox and Annika Shepard who was suddenly no longer a lesbian.
  • Samara lost all interest in meditation and decided that self discipline was for losers and she really just wanted to watch some reality vids.
  • Urdnot Wrex gained an extremely sensitive disposition and burst into tears when asked about the Genophage.
  • Dr. Kayla Buchard suddenly decided she needed to change her hair color, eye color, and outfit in order to please those her around her. She was also very adament about "not doing those things lightly" as she invited several men back to her room for entrance into "Fantasy Land".
  • Cassondra Shepard became an extremely slutty, leather-clad dominatrix who coped with her past perfectly well. She performed a rather impressive pole dance in the CIC, hit on everything that came near her, and decided she wanted John Shepard for his body and nothing else.