Opposite Day 2 all began with Assbutt Shepard's gas. I mean voodoo gas. Well, let it be known that Assbutt Shepard 's gas in general either causes chaos or destruction. In this case, chaos.

PAGA took a video recording of the day's events. However, most people refuse to acknowledge this and pretend the day never happened.

Strange Behavior Edit

  • Alistair also decided he absolutely despised cheese and took the whole ship's supply and sent it flying out of the airlock into space.
  • Colette also decided not doing things lightly was ridiculous and loathed coffee. So upon finding Ethan De La Motte being a super manly man who was totally NOT sensitive working on the Mako found him delightfully sexy (as he was also not Alistair . Ethan poured oil on himself and, unable to contain the testosterone, ripped off his clothes and "danced around a little" at Colette's request. It was secretly noted there might have been naked cuddling. Both parties deny this (but they're SO lying).
  •  Gidget was like, totally a super gossipy girl, and like, omg, whatEVER. She and Anders (who now found women disgusting and unattractive sexually) became like TOTALLY BFFs and gossiped about EVERY BOY ON THE SHIP.
  • Anders no longer found women sexually desirable, and felt they should be treated with the upmost respect. Also, he and Caleb caught a glimpse of each other while Anders imagined "Dreamweaver" being played as background music at first sight of him.
  • Caleb became an 1860s gentleman, and a sensitive soul, finding art beautiful.
  • Thane Krios was super cheerful and wanted to discuss his feelings with EVERYONE!
  • Alex Lombard became sweet as a Spring day and baked fresh muffins. Also, could sing to randomly appearing forest animals.
  • Bellara Shepard was entirely focused on regs and had no interest in funny business at all! Men also became completely irrelevant.
  • Jack drew a picture of hearts and rainbows. She also wanted to share her feelings and felt everyone needed a hug!
  • Maria ran around yelling "SPRING BREAK" and making out randomly with people.
  • Cass pole danced tearfully, cowering in fear of Bellara, and touting the virtues of prohibition and pacifism. She was a perfectly polite, naive young woman, who asked everyone whom she kissed to marry her.