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Space Cow ranch hand

PAGA (Phone Attending GIDGET Admin) is a GIDGET bot on the run from her original owners.


PAGA's memories begin when she was re-activated on the Cash Ranch on Folsom by the owner, Samuel Cash . Originally a receptionist unit, Samuel found her left for dead in an alley way on one of his trips to the city. He brought her back to his ranch, nursed her back to health and wiped her memory, something he says he did to prevent trauma. Using his limited programming skills, he re-programmed PAGA as a ranch hand, giving her the personality of his terminally ill wife, Nicky Cash .

Life on the Cash RanchEdit

PAGA lived and worked on the Cash Ranch for years until her personality developed independently enough for her to come to realize the abuse she was going through and resent being a 'backup wife.' She began to rebel and try to find an 'escape' from her life, during which time she began drinking, smoking, doing things lightly with boys (including Samuel's sons) and abusing (and becoming dependent) on Nicky's morphine. Despite this, PAGA became very close friends with the youngest Cash child, Lorelei Cash.

During the mass GIDGET recall, she met Gidget, who brought her back to the Normandy to finally get away from her life on the ranch.