Sarah is the youngest sister of Ashley Williams. Sarah is young and bored with her quiet life on Amaterasu. She's trying to find her place in the world, which is difficult to do when you have three older, successful sisters and no desire to do anything whatsoever.

Sarah shares many of the same personality traits as Ashley and the two often butt heads over things, but she looks up to her sister as kind of being her hero though she would never actually say that to her face.

Sarah has, like, the biggest crush on John Shepard and several months ago when he traveled with Ashley to visit her family on Amaterasu, she could barely string two words together. She soon got over her bashful awkwardness around him though and now can actually carry on a conversation with him.

Sarah recently left home abruptly and decided she needed to see the galaxy. She called Ashley from The Citadel, where she saw non-humans for the first time. She is now residing aboard the Normandy SR-2 .

  • Sarah recently met Thane and was captivated by his strange, deep black eyes. She does not know how to feel about this.
  • Like her sister, Sarah is allergic to cats, only to a much more extreme extent and after meeting Normandy Cat fell into a sneezing fit and her face swelled up to twice its size. She was saved by Dr. Kayla Buchard , saved from humiliation at her face being so big that is.