"I have two rules I follow.The first is: never kill someone without a reason.... You can always find a reason to kill someone."

Saren Arterius is a renowned turian Spectre notorious for his questionable but effective methods.

Stats at a GlanceEdit

Name: Saren Arterius
Class: Sentinel(speculated)
Association: Spectre
Species: Turian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Skin/Plates: Light grey/medium grey
Eyes: Cybernetic (Blue)
Height: 6'8"
Wt: 220 lbs

Early LifeEdit

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Appearance in TwitterverseEdit

Saren had just received the information on the artifact orbiting a planet near the edges of the galaxy, and just before a mass relay jump, he attempted to decipher some of the data he had collected. There was a malfunction, and after blacking out, the Spectre awoke on Jane Shepard's Normandy.


Workaholic, vain, racist, impatient and stubbornly independent. He gets angry and irritable when he has to accept help from anyone- and even goes into small fits of rage if he has to accept help from humans. He does calm down and cooperates- to a degree- if the individual helping him stands their ground and doesn’t cringe from his anger.

His sense of humor is harsh and cruel- if he shows his sense of humor at all. He finds amusement in the pain and torment of others.Though lately, he's finding lesser things amusing, since he's lightening up.

His manner of speech is sly, cruel, dry and condescending, aloof and mildly impatient. His voice actually has more of a growling undertone to it rather than the flanging of his ilk, making it sound menacing and cold.

Views on other Races:

He’s racist. End of story. He only likes females of his species as far as “romantic endeavours”- he won’t even look twice at an Asari. He is also very aggressive around other male turians- he thinks of himself as highly dominant and usually postures around other males. Hates humans the most, using them as a scapegoat for his anger at the death of his brother Desolas. Other species, he doesn’t actually HATE, but he doesn’t feel the compulsion to go out of his way to help them.

He is slowly learning to tolerate humans due mostly in part to his dealings with Jane.


Saren's relationship with Nihlus is....complicated.


  • Saren has no metal plating on his face, nor does he have an transplanted Geth arm.
  • Saren is 26 years old.
  • Saren never had any interaction with Sovereign, due to the timing of his phasing into the METwitterverse.