Typical reaction to leaving Zach's Normandy.

Zach's Normandy, also known as the SR-Cancun and SR-HOLYSHITIMTRIPPINGBALLZ is a ship much like the Normandy SR-2, except it has all this other stuff that the other three Normandy's for some reason don't have.

Like a pool. A pool with purple berry-flavored water.

This causes everyone on all the other ships to be extremely jealous of Zach, except for Dr. Kayla Buchard because she could make any guy her boyfriend, if she wanted to.

It also has a hot tub, gym, sauna, mango garden and hydroponic garden where Zach grows mangoes, strawberries and previously weed (it's okay, it was for his eye) - making his the coolest damned Normandy you've ever experienced.